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Since beginning in 2005, Real-Eyez Beauty has been at the forefront of emerging lash and brow services. 


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Lash and Brow Procedures


Are you tired of drawing on your eyebrows? Save time by waking up with 3D cosmetic
eyebrow embroidery. Gone are the days of unreliable 1980’s cosmetic tattooing.

Welcome to the new era of 3D cosmetic eyebrow embroidery, this new semi permanent makeup technology offers a more natural look. Eyebrow embroidery is performed with a hand tool only on the skin surface. Thus, making it a MUCH SAFER treatment than eyebrow tattoos. The color is adjusted in alignment with your eyebrow hair color, which results in a realistic look. Eyebrow embroidery creates the background and fills in the areas of the eyebrows that looked empty so that a full and complete look is accomplished. The “3D” effect gives added realism to the end result. Unlike an eyebrow tattoo, 3D eyebrow embroidery does not leave a flat, dull and fake look that tattoos leave behind.


Temporary false lashes are any lashes designed to be worn for a short period; i.e. a day or less. They can be made with human hair, or with synthetic materials. They are not designed to be worn when showering, sleeping or swimming. They are applied with lash glue designed specifically for temporary lashes. An example would be flare lashes or strip lashes.

Semi-permanent Lashes, also known as eyelash extensions,are lashes applied with a stronger adhesive. They can be made with synthetic hair, human hair or mink hair.  A single lash is applied to each natural lash; when applied properly, neither the extension lash nor the glue should touch the eyelid. The bond is designed to last until the lashes naturally fall out, though the extensions may fall out faster if one uses oil-based eye makeup remover or rubs eyes regularly, as oil weakens the bond between the glue and the lash.

Extensions come in various lengths and thicknesses, from natural-looking to outrageous. The two most popular styles are doll lashes, consisting of longer lashes at the center of the lash line, and cat-eye lashes, where the end lashes are longer to create a cat-like eye.



Babydoll Lashes™ Lash Lift this eyelash procedure straightens, lifts, and shapes your natural lashes.

After this procedure your natural eyelashes will extend upwards creating a longer, lifted appearance that opens up the eyes. Upon request, a black eyelash tint is added for a more dramatic effect. Great for people who prefer to go without eye make-up.
• It gives women and men a more natural look, making their eyelashes appear more visible and plumper.
• Active women can benefit from eyelash perming because the curls of the lashes will not go way even in extreme physical conditions.
• Men today are also using the eyelash lift to dramatically enhance their appearance.

The procedure takes about an hour and lasts up to 2 months depending on the shedding cycle of your natural lashes.